📌5 Reasons to Hold MSET

(1) 100X GEM Opportunity:

With the unique design of MEGASET Ecosystem, we believe MEGASET will be a 100x Gem project. Read more about our Rewards and Ecosystem.

(2) Backed by Tangible Assets:

MEGASET constantly seeks investment opportunities in diversified asset classes, regions, strategies and estates. When you purchase $MSET, you are also investing in MEGASET’s projects which are invested in global markets and regional assets. Therefore, it provides greater stability to your investment. Regardless whether the price of $MSET increases or decreases, MEGASET is a cryptocurrency that allows you to be in a position where you always profit, always win.

(3) No “Tax Fee” For Any Transactions:

Unlike many coins where traders are charged a “tax” fee on transactions, MEGASET does not charge any “tax” fee for all transactions. We reward our community with profits from MEGASET projects and not by “taxing” you. Therefore, you can trade with ease knowing that you will not be short changed due to any hidden cost.

(4) Staking Rewards in USDT:

MEGASET staking rewards are distributed in USDT instead of $MSET. This means that your rewards from investing in MEGASET are not affected by price movements or any changes in the market. Your rewards are in secured and safe currency, ensuring that you earn and receive the true value of the rewards you deserve.

(5) MEGASET Unique Buyback and Burn Strategy:

MEGASET is a deflationary token designed to become more scarce over time. A percentage of the MEGASET Rewards Fund will be allocated to buy back MEGASET tokens. The buyback process will reduce the number of tokens in circulation in the market and increase the proportion of tokens a $MSET holder owns. All tokens from the buyback process are stored in the MEGASET ecosystem wallet which will be burned or cannot be retrieved. This is why the value of $MSET will and can only increase in value over time.

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