Our team, investors and contributors are fully committed to put us on a track to MEGA SUCCESS.


Max supply 10,000,000,000


Change Your Perception about crypto through MEGASET! Regardless of price movements of MEGASET, through our staking services, MEGASET allows you to earn a multipliable passive income. Our mission is to make MEGASET your most valuable currency in the DeFi world. The best time to own MEGASET is ANYTIME.

MEGASET Team manages a portfolio of global opportunistic and regional core asset investment strategies. You can be part of the investment opportunities through MEGASET’s products and services to create an active or passive income. Grow Your Wealth With MEGASET!

MEGASET is a deflationary token designed to become more scarce over time.

Funded by buyback strategy, 80% of the income generated from Megaset projects will be invests will be used to reinvest into projects, buyback MEGASET tokens/stable coins and allocate them into all the MEGASET products and services as a bonus to benefit MEGASET users with a higher annual percentage yield. Through the buyback process, MEGASET will become more scarce over time.

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