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Our vision is to make investing in Defi easier than you think.



MEGASET is powered by its token $MSET which is a functional utility token powered by asset Management. MEGASET's professional team is committed to researching and analyzing global investment opportunities, and participating in investment projects which create high potential passive income streams of cash flow and value preservation. MEGASET provides a variety of products and projects, allowing $MSET holders to obtain various kinds of rewards. Through the purchase of products and services or participating in projects developed by MEGASET in the DeFi space, token holders can megamize their rewards in many ways.



MEGASET helps you Megaimize (maximize) your crypto assets in ways where you can still chill and relax as your portfolio grows. MEGASET products will be displayed on the marketplace on MEGASET’s official website. The product design and functionality of the platform is simple for users. We aim to make participation in DeFi as simple as possible. Users who wish to participate in the MEGASET ecosystem can use the ‘Products and Services’ service to earn $MSET.

Staking - Stake to earn USDT.

MEGASET will offer staking pools to $MSET holders. Staking allows users who own and hold $MSET to earn USDT rewards and more just by holding $MSET. In other words, users can grow their holdings in ways similar to how one would earn interest on their monies.

Marketplace - Mega deal, better price!

Marketplace is where users can buy the mainstream cryptocurrencies, products and services from our partners with a special price which is better than market price.


MEGAWEALTH is the product created by the investment projects that MEGASET invests in. It allows people to earn the project profit for a period of time as a dividend.

Lottery - Buy.Wait.Check!

If the digits on your tickets match the winning numbers, you win a portion of the prize.

Prize funds and sources:

  1. Ticket Purchases: 100% of the $MSET paid by people buying tickets that round goes back into the prize pools.

  2. Rollover Prizes : After every round, if nobody wins in one of the prize brackets, the unclaimed $MSET for that bracket rolls over into the next round and is redistributed among the prize pools.

  3. $MSET Donation : $MSET from the treasury is added to lottery rounds over the course of every round. This funds comes from MEGASET Rewards which creates from the Megaset investment projects.

Lucky Draw - Vote to win.

In order to govern the community and project development, MEGASET will hold voting activities from time to time, and those who participate in the voting will have the opportunity to win prizes.

NFT - Buy to earn

MEGASET will work with artists to launch our own NFTs in the NFT marketplace. You can buy and sell the NFTs to grow your digital assets.

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