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Thanks for all the support from MSETTERS - The best communities of Megaset holders and lovers.

As MEGASET is on the way to the moon, we love to invite you to be part of MSETTERS. Join our awesome community so that we can keep you updated and informed of the latest happenings at MEGASET.

MSETTERS, are you ready to Megalized your wealth ?!

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* Megalized = Mega x your wealth.

* MSETTERS = people who focus on holding MEGASET tokens and building wealth together .


We = Power

As Helen Keller says, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. There are many ways to support MEGASET and grow it together.


  • SHARE : You are welcome to share our posts or updates on our official website and social media to support us to build our branding. You can even give some MSET to someone you love.

  • IMPART: Some of you may want to learn more advanced information about MEGASET. If you know MEGASET well, you are free to publish relevant educational videos or write articles through various social media to let more people know about it. This not only educates more people, but also helps the development of MEGASET.

  • HUNT: MEGASET team is always hunting for the opportunities with growth potential. You can also hunt and tell us about the treasure you found.

  • HODL: One of the easier ways to show your support is HODL.

*HODL is a term derived from a misspelling of "hold," in the context of buying and holding cryptocurrencies. It's also commonly come to stand for "hold on for dear life" among crypto investors.

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