🥇Audit & Team KYC


With vast amounts of money transacted or locked up in smart contracts, crypto projects like MEGASET have become an attractive target for malicious attacks from hackers. Minor coding errors can lead to huge sums of money being stolen. Blockchain transactions are irreversible and thus, it is essential that the project’s code is secure. As blockchain technology's highly secure nature makes it impossible to retrieve funds and resolve issues, it is wiser to prevent vulnerabilities at all costs. That is why MEGASET has decided to have an auditor company to audit our contracts.

Visit our Auditor's GitHub to view our source code and audit report.

-Smart Contract Verified Report


MEGASET is a project powered by a decentralised cryptocurrency $MSET. MEGASET will not disclose its team members. We decided to remain undisclosed because we would like our community to focus on the mechanisms and ecosystem of the project, rather than depending on the founders' and team members' reputation. Remaining undisclosed allows MEGASET to exist independently, decentralization and reduce disruptions to the project. As such, it will help us to build a decentralized project with a fair, impartial and truly valuable cryptocurrency.

DeFi projects are open-source and you can verify all our work and do full due diligence on smart contracts to keep everything safe and secure. Recently, we have successfully conducted our smart contract security audit and have our team KYC verified successfully.

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