Get passive income by participating in the MEGASET staking pool.

MEGASET staking allows users to stake $MSET and earn USDT while supporting MEGASET staking pool, and more of it just for holding them, meaning that users grow their holding in much the same way as they would earn interest on money.

Reward calculations

Staking Rewards per Token = MEGASET Rewards Fund in the pool divided by Total Token Staked in the Pool.

Your Staking Rewards = Your Token Staked x Staking Rewards per Token

Example :

Staking Pool Rewards for 1 month : USDT 10,000,000

Total MSET Token Staked : 505,000,000

Staking rewards per token = 10,000,000 /505,000,000 = 0.019 USDT

After 1 month of staking, if Tokens Staked is:

Tokens Staked: 100 MSET earns 1.9 USDT Staking Rewards

Tokens Staked: 1,000 MSET earns 19 USDT Staking Rewards

Tokens Staked: 10,000 MSET earns 190 USDT Staking Rewards

Tokens Staked: 100,000 MSET earns 1,900 USDT Staking Rewards

Tokens Staked: 1,000,000 MSET earns 19,000 USDT Staking Rewards

*The amount of rewards in the Staking Pool Rewards above is for illustration, calculation and explanation purposes only. Actual amounts will depend on the actual Staking Rewards that MEGASET TEAM generates from the MEGAET products and the actual number of staked tokens in the pool.

Staking Pools

MEGASET Team will update Staking Rewards into Staking pool monthly, rewards will be allocated to 3 staking pools equally.

The 3 staking pools are:

1-Month Staking Pool

6-Month Staking Pool

12-Month Staking Pool

Staking Period:

To participate in the staking pool. Token needs to be staked 24 hrs before the staking starts.

1-Month Staking Pool :

The 1st day of the month 0:00 AM (UTC) to the 1st day of next month 0:00 AM (UTC)

6-Month Staking Pool:

The 1st day of the month 0:00 AM (UTC) to the 1st day of the 6th month 0:00 AM (UTC)

12-Month Staking Pool:

The 1st day of the month 0:00 AM (UTC) to the 1st day of the 12th month 0:00 AM (UTC)

Rewards Distribution:

Staking rewards will be distributed to the user web3 wallet in USDT within 7 days after the staking period ends.

1-Month Staking Pool: before 7th of next month

6-Month Staking Pool: before 7th of July.

12-Month Staking Pool:before 7th of January.

Staking rewards depends on how long the tokens are staked. If the token is staked for 1 months, users will get the staking rewards from the 1-Month Staking Pool only. If the token is staked for 12 months, users will get the staking rewards from all 3 pools (1/6/12-Month Staking Pool).

Token staked1-Month Staking Pool6-Month Staking Pool12-Month Staking Pool

1 months

1 Time



6 months

6 Times

1 Times


12 months

12 Times

2 Times

1 Times


If user stakes tokens up to 12 months:

Total Rewards =12 times of 1-Month staking pool rewards + 2 times of 6-Month staking pool rewards + 1 time of 12-Month staking pool rewards.

The following graph shows the total staking rewards one receives with time based on 10,000 tokens. (Assuming our token sale goes smoothly and our Hard Cap is reached with 100% of circulated tokens staked in the staking pool).

P/S: the less the total tokens in the pool, the more rewards received per token.


What is Staking?

It may be helpful to think of crypto staking as something similar to depositing cash in a savings account. The depositor earns interest on their money while it is in the bank. It acts like a reward from the bank, who uses the money for other purposes. Staking tokens is similar to earning an interest on your assets. Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network.

What will happen when I stake my MEGASET tokens?

Your MEGASET tokens will be locked up in the staking pool, meaning you can't trade them during this period. However, you can grow the value in your wallet over time by receiving staking rewards for your staking efforts.

When can I unstake my tokens and redeem them?

You can unstake your token anytime. There is no penalty for early unstake and you will not lose your principal. However, you will not be able to receive any staking rewards during the lock-up period. If you unstake and restake your tokens, your staking start day resets.

How long does it take to receive my unstaked token?

Redemption requires 1 day to unlock.

When the market drops, can my Locked Staking still be guaranteed to receive interests?

Yes, we guarantee the rewards to users. Staking rewards are the passive and active profits which are generated from the MEGASET ecosystem fund and it will not be affected by the market price movements. All the staking rewards are already earned/ exist when we put them into the staking pool.

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