Rewards & Ecosystem

Holding MEGASET to megamize your benefit!
This method of passive income opportunity allows MEGASET holders to profit from not only HODL-ing but also growing it through MEGASET products and services.


Enjoy the benefits of MEGASET rewards growth investing strategies by getting rewarded for waiting. Rewards will grow as it compounds, taking advantage of bear markets, capital preservation, a regular income stream and the ability to maintain purchasing power while you're holding it.


80% of the income profit from these projects will become MEGASET income rewards and used to buy back MEGASET tokens/stable coins then allocated to all products and services as a bonus.
20% of the income profit will be used for MEGASET operations, marketing and development to grow MEGASET.
Staking & Mining
Staking and mining in crypto assets with growth potential and positive APY to grow our funds.
Asset Investment
MEGASET team will invest in metaverse and global private market companies /Assets when growth potential is greatest–early to create asset cash flow. These assets are to create monthly/yearly passive income .
Trading portfolio
MEGASET works with professional traders to make profit from the investment and grow our funds.
NFT Rewards
MEGASET will work with artists to launch our own NFTs to earn NFT active and passive income.
* Megamize = Maximise

Funds Placement

MEGASET Ecosystem Fund

80% of the token sold fund will go to this fund and allocate to the projects that MEGASET Team manages to generate passive and active profit for MEGASET Rewards Fund.

MEGASET Rewards Fund

80% of the passive and active profit from MEGASET projects will go to this fund.
Fund allocation:
  1. 1.
    Rewards to MEGASET Community : Allocate into all the MEGASET products and services as a bonus to benefit MEGASET users with a higher staking annual percentage yield.
  2. 2.
    Grow Reward Profit: Allocate to MEGASET Ecosystem Fund for reinvesting into projects to generate more profit to grow MEGASET rewards Fund.
  3. 3.
    Buyback and Burn: Allocate to buy back MEGASET tokens to reduce the number of tokens in the market increases the proportion of tokens owned by MEGASET holders. All the tokens from buyback will be stored in the MEGASET ecosystem wallet for future funds or be burned. That’s why MEGASET is a deflationary token designed to become more scarce over time.